Tuesday, September 26, 2006

so siicck

SO I was planning on writing a post; then I went to the doctor, then i found out i was really sick.. Infact, I spend all of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New year) in bed... yeah, it sucks ok, so enough of me trying to make excuses for not writing a post.

here is a little bit of useless information for you.

>> What is the average number of toilet tissue sheets a person uses in one day? <<

So what do you think?? I'd turn this into a poll, but nah why keep you in suspence?

On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets per trip - a total of 57 sheets per day. That's an annual total of 20,805 sheets. (Charmin)

Once i get my brain back, ill try to write something.

Shana tova


Friday, September 22, 2006

No time; No Life

I really do have a lot to write - I swear. Its been an insane month and I cannot really begin to tell you all the bizaare things that have gone on during the past month. Naturally, I am way too tired (and in truth, on my way out the door) to actually write something.

I do plan on trying to write something tomorrow; so let's hope.

I can say this, many strange things have happend. It's cold, I'm tired, I work way to much and I really need a nap. Oh, I am also sick. *sigh*

However, I will write more...soon.

Shana tova,


Rachel: Dinner was steak. Mmmmm.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So I am in the middle of planning programs with my hillel board members.

Any suggestions for programs on campus? I am looking for Israel programming.

Any thoughts?


Other than that. I am sooo cold. I am freezing. It is soo cold.I am going to freeze this winter. I hate snow.:( oh well.



today's website: www.canadiantire.ca <--- this is one of the sites that Ian and I always joke about. It's a great store and they have everything. You can even get "canadian tire money" which people have tried to pass of as real canadian dollars in random countries around the world...anyways. That's the Toronto site of the day.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I am such a dork

Today I became an official geek. Yes, thats right. I am a geek. I went to a comic book convention. It's true, I did. I went with my friend Minh. In truth, my main reason was to go meet James Callis of Battlestar Galactica (more on that later.) So we got to the convention (which was going on all weekend) and I couldnt stop laughing. There were people dressed up, people not dressed up, people that I was convinced were serial killers and other people that were there to ooh and ahh at the attractions.

So, we get there, Here are the people that I saw today:

-Carrie Fischer. Yes, I saw Princess Leah. She does not look like the Leah we all know and love. After seeing her, I felt like the kid that finds out there is no Santa. Sigh.
-Mini Me (Verne Troyer) he is soo tiny. Didnt get an autograph, costs money, no thanks.
-Gates McFadden (she was the doc on ST:TNG) She also wore big sunglasses the whole time."No flash photography."Sheesh
-Robert Picardo (Doc on ST: Voyager)
-Jeffery Combs (Enterprise, Babylon etc.)
-Juliet Landau (She was on Buffy ... oh, and strange)
-Moreba Baccarin (Serenity, Firefly)
-Paul McGillon (sargate)

-WILLAM SHATNER (He was wearing a hot pink shirt...I kid you not)
-Leonard Nemoy (He well, looks the same, minus the ears and black hair...)

And ofcourse.

James Callis.

Now who is this James? Well.He is in BSG (He was also in both bridget jones movies). So I went and signed up to get my photo taken with him (let's not discuss the cost, Im embarresed) So I went to go get my photo. So I line up (with some odd people I might add....I really didnt fit in...at all...) and I am waiting in a special line in a special room. Then Shatner and Nemoy walk by (you could only see them if you paid hundreds of dollars...I kid you not) So I see them (take that comicom! I saw them and I didnt pay!) SO back to james. James plays President Gaius Baltar on BSG. I've spent a lot of time watching BSG thanks to the "crew" back in Israel. Infact, we've all become sort of the BSG jerusalem fan club (and Modiin and Keysalon too) So anyways, I line up. It's my turn. I shake his hand, and I say to him "My friends in Israelare going to be so jealous:" He then says "shalom" I laugh. He then says "Ma Ya'nim" (How are you) I say " Lama Ata Yodah Ivrit" (How come you know hebrew) He says " Why do you think?" Yes. Thats right. JAMES CALLIS IS PART OF THE TRIBE! We talk a bit more, take our picture, talk a little mmore in hebrew, have a few good laughs and I am sent on my way.

Now, after allthis, I just HAD To go to the Q&A with him. (If you watch BSG there will be a spoiler here...I AM WARNING YOU!)


So here is what we find out:

1) The season will be 10 episodes, breakm, 10 more episodes
2) Gaius grows his hair long and gets a beard
3) He really has no friends
4) During season 3, there are flash backs to the year that we "missed" (remember how in the last episode they just get to New Caprica, we miss that whole year. Well they flash back.
5) gaius gets abducted. And it's not by who we'd think it would be. (He let that slip...)
6) BSG really is a social commentary on politics and everyday life. It is there to make us question our feelings and thoughts on relgion (blah blah blah) However, James did say "I am not saying that I am President Bush. Please. I am so much better looking." (hehehehe)
7) He would't say how many more cylons we see
8) Baltar and the cylon that is lucy lawless have a "thing"
9) He's married with 2 kids.
10) Lee Adama gets fat and that makes him (James Callis) happy.
11) there were some really funny shots with him and "6" but I am just too tired to write them.

That;s all I can think of.


But I would just like to say, it was a fun day. I took pictures with storm troopers, darth, boba fet, James Callis (all of which I will put online at some point) I am proud to say that there are much more dorkyer people in this world than I am (and that offers me some solice) but I am a dork. I'm ok with that. I had fun.

Oh yeah, Minh and I decided that we did dress up today: We went as Cylons, we just wernt activated yet. hehehe.

Alright, it was a fun day,

Im such a cooldork. HAHAHAHA




they got married today! YAY! (You can find their blogs listed ----> )

Happy Long Weekend


Ps. Toronto Thing of the day

The tragically hip. If you dont know them; are we still friends? www.thehip.com I've lost count how many times I have seen them in concert!!!

pps. How cool is the counter?

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Fine, I know I suck and that I need to write a real post. I am trying. I swear. I'm going to try before the weekend is over to do it.


My new addition will be the "nice thing about toronto" "ps line". this is where I will try to educate my friends that are reading this about toronto. (because most of them are american and stupid about such things... I mean, um...er...) todays ps is:

ps. a nice thing about toronto is tim hortons. www.timhortons.ca